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SMIRAC Janitorial Services

Certified Cleaners, Quality Services.

About Us

Founded in Regina, Saskatchewan in 2019, SMIRAC Janitorial Services delivers the best of a highly skilled, large-scale operation with the benefits of a family owned business. From humble beginnings, the business has grown into a quality assured, certified cleaners in Saskatchewan and Alberta, Canada.


We are Always Here for You

Of course, with all the choices available to you, you would be wondering what makes Smirac janitorial services a league apart from others. Well, unlike the others, we clean towards perfection making sure that it is rendered without any snag and according to your instructions – completely customized. Furthermore, we offer you a range of services that improves customer experience.


24/7 Call Support: Quick responses to customer feedback and complaints.


Mobile App for easy Booking-Exclusively for Android and iPhone users.


We have more than 7 years within the cleaning industry.


Our services extend to almost all major areas of Saskatchewan.

What sets SMIRAC apart from other cleaning companies.

Safe and Sustainable

As safety is of paramount importance to us we ensure all of our employees are comprehensively trained in work health and safety and conduct work in the safest manner possible. Our employees attend site inductions and perform risk assessments prior to beginning work to fully understand your site-specific safe operating procedures and minimize risk. We continually review our safe work practices through regular toolbox meetings to validate their currency.

Experienced and Certified

With our collective experience of over 15 years in a diverse range of industries we have first-hand knowledge & practical insights that we synthesize across other industries and businesses. Our accreditation and compliance with industry standards is evidence of our ability to meet stringent safety, environmental & quality requirements. We use an integrated management system that enables us to integrate our business functions and operate holistically. The system is compliant with ISO Quality Management Systems, Occupational Health & Safety, and Environmental Management Systems.

Partners not Contractors

Our ethos is based on collaboration as it is important for you to be involved in decisions that affect your business. By working in partnership we will become part of your team and seamlessly integrate into your business so there is no disruption to your daily operations. Our team can work flexible hours to suit your individual business needs and align with your site-specific safe operating procedures. We truly value customer loyalty and place great emphasis on customer retention which is testament to our longstanding partnerships.

Trackable Performance

We can provide personalized reports that track and measure our performance against your specifications, such as quality assurance and cleaning audits that compare the cleanliness of your site against a standard benchmark. We will use the information to monitor performance and take corrective action if necessary. We can also provide a report that measures and analyses key performance indicators such as time on site, accidents and injuries in your workplace, right through to issue resolution.

There when you need us.

Our experienced Account Managers have in-depth knowledge of local operating environments and the challenges their communities face. We appoint an account manager or onsite manager to each of our clients to maintain regular face-to-face contact and conduct weekly site visits to ensure our service delivery is maintaining cleanliness to the highest standard. Importantly, they are just a phone call away and are available to personally address any concerns you may have. We also provide, 24/7 access to a web-based Customer Portal which means you can access your information, submit requests and raise issues at any time. If you need an emergency cleaner, we also offer a 24 hour call out service.

Quality Assurance

SMIRAC Facility Solutions is one of Canada's most accredited commercial cleaning companies and one of the few with certifications across quality management, environmental responsibility, and workplace health and safety excellence.


Our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, and excellence of service is at the heart of everything we do. In turn, we invest in technology, processes, and training to ensure we continuously meet numerous accreditation requirements.

  • Quality Management System

  • Environmental Certification

  • Occupational Health & Safety

  • Green Seal Products

SMIRAC Facility Solutions is proud of these achievements and will continue to improve their services and accreditations as demanded by the challenges in the cleaning industry

We care about our certifications.

Quality Management System

We are committed to ensure the highest quality for all work that we do. Our commitment is to provide our clients, employees, and cleaners with the best quality service. Quality assurance is shown through our engagement with our stakeholders including our clients, cleaners, and staff. We have put procedures in place in order to improve any possible lapses in the quality of our services. Our Team is committed to continuous improvement of our skills and services.


Smirac's commitment to quality services is supported by our policies and procedures that makes our activities aligned with our goal to quality services, these are the following:

  • People Management

  • Corporate Governance

  • Environmental Policy

  • Equality in all facet

  • Performance Appraisal

  • Skills Training

  • Health and Safety

Our Management Team is committed to continuous improvement and implementing appropriate quality management systems and procedures to strengthen our foundations in delivering quality services to all our clients.

Contract Cleaning Services

We offer daily, weekly & monthly contract cleaning services!

We have been providing day to day contract cleaning services to businesses for over 3 years. Some of our present and previous clients include: office buildings, licensed pubs and hotels, government buildings, schools and colleges, hospitals and medical centers, motor dealerships, retirement facilities, shopping malls and major sporting facilities.

For a free quotation on our daily or weekly contract cleaning services please call +1 306 450 8281

We will come to your location for an assessment of requirements and provide you with a detailed quotation at no cost. We are flexible with the days and times we clean to best suit your company.

Our wide range of services include

housekeeper (1).png
External Building Wash
housekeeper (1).png
Window Cleaning
housekeeper (1).png
Carpet Cleaning
housekeeper (1).png
Commercial Kitchen Cleaning
housekeeper (1).png
Car Park Cleaning
housekeeper (1).png
Office Cleaning
housekeeper (1).png
High Access Internal
Light & Duct
housekeeper (1).png
Tile & Grout
housekeeper (1).png
Cleaning Water Damage Extraction
housekeeper (1).png
Floor Cleaning, Stripping & Sealing
housekeeper (1).png
Commercial Real
Estate Cleaning
housekeeper (1).png
Event Cleaning
housekeeper (1).png
Gardening & Maintenance
housekeeper (1).png
Strata Cleaning
Smirac Janitorial Services is your ‘one stop shop’ for all commercial cleaning services and supplies. We provide contract cleaning to venues and also cover many additional services to new and existing clients.
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