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We Believe Your Free Time Wasn’t
Made For Office Cleaning.

Smirac is all about cleaning.

Ever since our inception, we have been delivering quality and affordable cleaning services in Regina, Saskatchewan. Our cleaning and maintenance services have made us into what we are today. We have crossed so many milestones and attained this stature only because we have resolved to put the customer first and display unwavering professionalism in every facet of our janitorial services company.

Smirac encompasses everything good about cleaning and we are able to deliver top-notch quality to those in need. This is facilitated by a group of skilled professionals who are very versatile and deft at handling any scenario. This has made it possible for us to incorporate disparate services such as residential cleaning to commercial cleaning services.

We are here to help you solve the issues of cleaning and maintenance, and we see ourselves as the people who can shoulder that responsibility for you, giving you time to focus on more pressing matters, while we get on with implementing our quality services to satisfy your needs.



We have resolved ourselves to carry out top-notch janitorial services to residences and commercial spaces across Saskatchewan and other provinces, where we take care of every aspect of cleanliness. Our versatility also enables us to provide a wide range of janitorial services such as office cleaning, facility sanitation and disinfection, porter services, floor care and maintenance, and other high-end cleaning requirements that you may need.


We have been able to rise steadily throughout the years and bring satisfaction to a lot of our clients, because we have held steadfast to these values and have applied them fiercely:

  • Professionalism

  • Integrity

  • Teamwork

  • Transparency

  • Commitment

  • Customer First

You can rely on us! We are your dependable partner in property management!

Fast deployment of cleaning & maintenance staff nationwide.

Our experienced team of cleaning and maintenance staff, account managers, and site auditing teams,
collaborating via our intranet, are ready to assist you and can be deployed very quickly - 24/7 Response
time within 24 hours!

• We have extensive experience in rolling out cleaning services across multiple sites, in multiple

towns or cities.

• Seamlessly insert a complete cleaning and maintenance department into your organization, nationally,
on any given day.

• Instantly get systems that provide unparalleled levels of responsiveness, reliability, transparency, and
reporting for your management team.

•Get it all done with absolutely no disruption to your core business.
Industries we clean


We provide contract cleaning services for:
• Hotels, pubs, RSL clubs, bars & bistros
• Housekeeping services
• Gyms & recreation centers
• Major shopping centers and sports stadiums
• Childcare centers and schools
• Aged care centers, medical centers & hospitals
• Restaurants • Offices, retail - commercial/business
• Factories and warehouses
• Government and council

In fact, any commercial premises requiring regular cleaning!

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