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About Us


Founded in Regina, Saskatchewan in 2019, SMIRAC Janitorial Services delivers the best of a highly skilled, large-scale operation with the benefits of a family owned business. From humble beginnings, the business has grown into a quality assured, certified cleaners in Saskatchewan and Alberta, Canada.

SMIRAC Janitorial Services is one of the most trusted, family owned commercial cleaning company in the province of Saskatchewan. With over 60 accredited, professional cleaners across the province of Saskatchewan and Alberta, SMIRAC can tailor our services to match all kinds of cleaning contracts regardless of size or industry.

SMIRAC Janitorial Services owes much of its ongoing success to our long-serving staff who share our commitment to providing efficient, innovative and environmentally friendly commercial cleaning solutions. Consistently, positive word-of-mouth referrals over the last 3 years, along with our customer-first approach, have seen SMIRAC Janitorial Services maintain an impressive client retention rate rarely seen in the commercial cleaning industry.


Company Policy

We Clean and Care for the Environment.

Smirac Facility Solutions is committed to the protection and conservation of its employees, customers, suppliers and the environment. This commitment is applied throughout the company, environmentally friendly products and services. We will use wherever and whenever possible products, equipment and tools that adhere to our company policy, to Care for the Environment.

The main concern of our environmental policy will include, but not be exclusive to:
  • To employ services and products that safeguard peoples health, protect the environment and conserve valuable materials and resources.

  • To encourage, promote and recommend the use of products and services that maximize conservation of resources.

  • To take every opportunity to re-cycle or re-use materials and tools generated by its operations.

  • To maximize and consolidate our efforts in running our company fleet to reduce gas emissions.

  • To not permit the use of aerosols which contain CFC’s

  • To ensure that all cleaning detergents are bio-degradable

  • To use and promote re-cycled and recyclable paper products whenever possible

  • To be dedicated to the continual improvements of its performance on environmental protection issues.

Smirac Janitorial Services is a caring company. It is our mission to provide cleaning services while we care for our environment. We train all our cleaners to have the same mission and impart this through our services rendered to all our clients.

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