About Us

Founded in Regina, Saskatchewan in 2019

SmiRac Facility Solutions delivers the best of a highly skilled, large-scale operation with the benefits of a family owned business. From humble beginnings, the business has grown into a quality assured, certified cleaners in Saskatchewan and Alberta, Canada.

SmiRac Facility Solutions is one of the most trusted, family owned commercial cleaning company in the province of Saskatchewan. With over 60 accredited, professional cleaners across the province of Saskatchewan and Alberta, SmiRac can tailor our services to match all kinds of cleaning contracts regardless of size or industry.

SmiRac Facility Solutions owes much of its ongoing success to our long-serving staff who share our commitment to providing efficient, innovative and environmentally friendly commercial cleaning solutions. Consistently, positive word-of-mouth referrals over the last 3 years, along with our customer-first approach, have seen SmiRac Facility Solutions maintain an impressive client retention rate rarely seen in the commercial cleaning industry.

For a free quotation on our daily or weekly contract cleaning services please call +1 866 450 1355

Quality Assurance

SMIRAC Facility Solutions is one of Canada’s most accredited commercial cleaning companies and one of the few with certifications across quality management, environmental responsibility, and workplace health and safety excellence.

Our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, and excellence of service is at the heart of everything we do. In turn, we invest in technology, processes, and training to ensure we continuously meet numerous accreditation requirements.

SMIRAC Facility Solutions is proud of these achievements and will continue to improve their services and accreditations as demanded by the challenges in the cleaning industry,

Quality Management System

We are committed to ensure the highest quality for all work that we do. Our commitment is to provide our clients, employees, and cleaners with the best quality service. Quality assurance is shown through our engagement with our stakeholders including our clients, cleaners, and staff. We have put procedures in place in order to improve any possible lapses in the quality of our services. Our Team is committed to continuous improvement of our skills and services.
Smirac’s commitment to quality services is supported by our policies and procedures that makes our activities aligned with our goal to quality services, these are the following

Our Management Team is committed to continuous improvement and implementing appropriate quality management systems and procedures to strengthen our foundations in delivering quality services to all our clients.