Our Services

Welcome to Smirac Janitorial Services. We provide janitorial services all over Saskatchewan and nearby provinces. Tidy, neat, spruced, spick and span are all the different ways you can describe our cleaning service, Located in the heart of Regina, Smirac Janitorial Services uphold the utmost professionalism when it comes to cleaning and keeping things sanitary. Be it part time or on daily regular basis we want you to relax and leave the cleaning of your offices, warehouses or even your residential properties to our capable hands.


If you are not 100% satisfied with our services, let us know right away and we’ll render the services again FREE of charge!

Our cleaning technicians use the ‘latest & greatest’ ‘state of the art’ high pressure cleaning equipment to remove all persistent grease and grime. We also employ a spray and extraction method proven to remove grease oil and mold build up.

We use an anti-microbial treatment and approved non-toxic food machinery chemical cleaners. These QAC based cleaners are suitable for the kitchen environment, and will remove all traces of diseasecausing bacteria frequently found in kitchens, including E. Coli and Salmonela.

Our Office Space is the face of our business. It reflects how our business is run and managed by its owners. Hiring professional cleaners like Smirac Janitorial Services can help you provide a better first impression about your business when your clients visit you building or facility.

There is nothing worse than potential customers coming into a dirty office with garbage bins over flowing and strewn across the floor. Your office staff or employees will thank you as well for keep the workplace clean and safe for them as well. We can provide daily, weekly, or monthly services that will fit every budget.

We provide excellent office cleaning services and ensure all your cleaning specifications are met.

At Smirac Janitorial Services we pride ourselves on delivering the highest level of professional cleaning services. Our team of professional cleaners consistently provides quality assured, efficient, and cost-effective services that can be tailored to match a variety of retail spaces including professional window cleaning, carpet stain removal, and rubbish disposal. We’ll make an individual assessment to determine the specific scope of work, including ancillary services as required, and guarantee the professional appearance of your business.

We can attend to your premises after hours to minimize disruption to customers and employees with services scheduled daily, weekly, fortnightly or as per your preference.

Smirac Janitorial Services offer comprehensive cleaning services in a safe and timely manner, inclusive of professional carpet cleaning, external wall and window cleaning, and attention to air conditioning ducts. Hospitality industry cleaning requirements are demanding and requires high level of qualifications which not all commercial cleaning services providers would have. We are proud to say that Smirac have achieved various certifications which is required in this industry. We are ready to provide our Hospitality Industry clients the helping hand in their daily business operation.

Behind the scenes, we’ll tend to your delivery docks, kitchens, amenities areas and refrigeration services with equal precision. We can attend your premises after hours and leave you fully prepared for the next.

All our cleaning staff, including our site supervisors, area supervisors, project cleaners and managers have undergone the required training to address the needs of our clients in the different commercial industries.

Our range of services for your commercial real estate cleaning needs includes:

  • Cleaning commercial properties at the end of a lease period to retain a bond
  • Cleaning fire stairs, car parks, and windows
  • Taking out and bringing in bins for council or private removal Cleaning and sanitizing bins
  • Watering and clearing gardens of rubbish
  • Replacing light globes
  • Reporting faults

The 3 Steps Process for floor maintenance.

  1. Stripping: The floor is stripped to remove all old sealer and build-up of dirt and stains.
  2. Neutralizing: The floor is neutralized to remove any remaining residue and stripping chemicals.
  3. Sealer: Finally sealer is carefully applied to protect the floor and leave a glossy finish.

The process helps maintain the original floors in their flawless condition with a glossy finish.

With the collective experiences of our Management Team, Smirac Janitorial Services, is your best choice for commercial cleaning requirements within the government sector. Our cleaners have completed the required Workplace Health and Safety Certification and are committed to the ongoing skills development to ensure service delivery standards in line with local, state, and federal government policies and guidelines.

They have undergone background security checks to ensure that the interest of the stakeholders and the public are protected, giving you the peace of mind when our team are in your facility.

Have peace of mind knowing that our staff and contractors have passed background checks and have entered into a legal agreement to comply with the requirements our clients including the Government Sector.

Smirac Janitorial Services can be your needed help on your small or big events. We can help you on the preparation of the venue to ensure they are clean and safe for your attendees.

We can be there as well during the event to maintain the washrooms and key areas at the venue.

We can help you at your:

  • Sporting Events
  • Community Fairs
  • Concerts
  • Public celebrations

We can do:

  • Site Set-up
  • Site Tear Down
  • Pre-Cleaning
  • Post Cleaning
  • Events cleaning attendants
  • Trash and Recycling Removal

Smirac Janitorial Services can provide you exterior building clean-up. We can visit your building and provide you a quote and scope of work to ensure that your building will receive that needed clean up from the outside.

Your building will be more presentable and inviting to your customers.

Exterior clean up can:

  • Remove grime and dirt build up.
  • Remove rain water stains.
  • Freshens the look of the building by removing clutter and garbages.